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Welcome to the home page of the New Jersey Jesters paintball organization.

If you're not farmiliar with the team here is a little history. Started by a few friends,we have been around since 1996. 2015 marks our 19th year as a team. We are the longest running paintball team in the northeast by a mile. We've had our up's and down's like any sports team(alright way more up's) but we have always persevered. There have been hundreds of teams that have come and gone since we started, add to that companies, players, venues, leagues, formats, the list goes on and on. I'm not sure if we would have been anyone's bet to still be standing when the dust cleared. However that's what it means to be a jester, to be resilient, you have to be willing to fight when all hope seems lost, way after normal people would have thrown in the towel. Nobody can be sure what paintball will look like in a few years, but one thing is for certain, New Jersey's favorite son's will still be bringing home the hardware, and lookin damn sexy doin it.

2015 EPL Vs GPL 3Man

2015 EPL Butler Memorial Cup Event 2

Here we are midway through the 2015 season. While leaving the inaugural   NXL Event the guys decided to send a hit squad down to TopGun Paintball for the EPL Butler Memorial Cup. 

First I just want to say how proud I am of all the players. Garrett Galletti played great all day making the snake off the break and driving the other teams crazy. Roger Roper was on point and held it down on the D-side catching quick Kobes and giving us early advantages. Ryan "FunnyBoy” Williamson was an uplifting spirit and came with drive rolling up the D's and putting a hurt on players all over the field. Rich Appleby played like a veteran playing the snake insert and keeping Garrett safe while also keeping communication between the whole field. Timmy Gearhart domineering no matter who he subbed in for whether he needed to break the snake or lane a couple guys off the break.

The whole squad played with determination and never gave any team a reason to think we weren't a force to be reckoned with. The prelims were a fight to say the least. We won all our first games against the 4 teams in our schedule. After that we got knocked down a little and lost 3 of our 4 second set games only beating HiVi Wrecking Crew (This is important later after the preliminary round). The final set of games we won our first game and had 2 hard fights with Topgun Tempo and Topgun T2 losing and getting into a 3 way tie for 3rd place. Once the tiebreakers were evaluated we made it in by having better flag hang times and sneaking into the 4th place position by 0.01 second (Time management at its finest).

In the Semi Final Round we met up with Topgun Tempo for the start of our rematches of the day. Sitting myself in favor of fresh fast legs and a little switch-up of game strategy to confuse Tempo. The first point the guys went out and set the tone for the rest of the finals with a big win. Second point I turned them (if it isn't broke don't fix it) and they went out and had a good breakout making all primary bunkers. We did lose track of the Tempo bodies as they received a minor penalty and at the end of the point we had a 3 on 1 with there guy in the snake. Garrett and Roger stayed cool and collected after we lost rich and figured out the situation and closed out the point.

FINALS a rematch in two senses, one a rematch for the event and two a rematch of the finals from the first EPL event a little over a month before were they beat us. The opponent Topgun T2 fresh off a hard semi final match is looking to add to there day of winning. First point was like a chess match going to time and proving that this was going to be a match to remember. The second point was just as exhilarating Topgun had a player in both 50's. We were able to dig them out and bring the point down to a 2 on 2. I was at the A with about 35 seconds remaining thinking we have to make something happen so I went for the flag. I ended up getting shot out but there was no time left as Garrett was able to hold off the 2 remaining players. Third point, no room for error, I made the decision to put back out the line that got us to this point from the semi finals. Off the break our hard work and determination paid off with us shooting both the snake runner and the dorito runner. With 5 alive the guys went and started picking off the remaining Topgun players and winning the point. Before they even hung the flag our boys started chanting the victory.

I know this win brought good vibes to the whole organization. I want to thank Alex Ritacco for all of his help all day long from running to get paint at the truck and podding it with us to just being a moral uplift when we were off the field. And last but not least all of our sponsors Empire, Kong-Ker, and Virtue. The next event can't come soon enough. The boys want some fresh scalps.

- Michael Taeschler #19

2015 EPL Garden State Open Event 1


The New Jersey Jesters have kicked off their 2015 season with a bang! With their 1st place finish at the AFPL event in Cancun, to this past weekend finishing 2nd at the EPL Garden State Open.

The event was held in the Jestersbackyard at Top Gun Paintball and the team was hungry for the podium. It was a perfect day for paintball, the sun was shinning and both Empire Marbalizer and Evil were shooting flawless the whole day. Every player stepped up today, whether it was the clutch veterans like Michael "Big Taesch” Taeschler whos lanes all day made other teams tremble or Alex "TacoRitaccos and John Petersons dominant performance on the snake side. Ryan "Funny PantsWilliamson and Conor "BeaverMaher were a dynamic duo on the dorito side and played well throughout the day. When their numbers were called Jesters first year players Joesph "Jihad Joe” Viola, Garrett Galletti, and Ian Crawford made their presence felt with outstanding points. Some of the players on the team hadnt even played the field layout before however they still showed dominance and prevailed.

The Jesters breezed through prelims finishing 3-1 and were seeded at the number 3 spot unfortunately they werent able to receive the bye to the semi finals, however being forced to play the quarter finals proved beneficial in that the teams momentum never skipped a beat. After making it through the quarter and semi finals it was time for the final match! The Jesters squared up against TopGun T2 Black and played 2 very intense games, however with a couple penalties and a major being called its hard to pull off a 4 on 1. The 2nd place finish has left the Jesters hungry for their next event which will be taking place in Ohio for the NXL tournament.

~Conor Maher #52

2015 AFPL International

The 2015 season kicked off in Cancun Mexico for the New Jersey Jesters paintball organization. This was to be an event which featured a lot of firsts for our team: first time playing outdoors in almost 6 months, first time playing the redzone format, and most importantly our first time playing an international event. It goes without saying that we really wanted to represent and show the world what our crew/family is all about.
After checking into our hotel and getting situated, we headed for the beach. The hotel was packed with everybody on spring break and I'm just happy none of the guys got whiplash looking at all the bikini clad women. As I sat on the beach with all the boys I realized that after almost two decades of playing events that this was to be a very different experience. Which brings me to the biggest point I want to make. Way back when, when I was a College student myself(a really long time ago it seems.......) I had this one amazing professor who really made an impression on me. I don't know why this one point he made stuck in my head but it did, and it was the lesson that if things ever get stale in a relationship take a trip to a place you've never been together and it seems to rekindle the flame. Now like I said before we've had this team for 19 years and a new adventure was just what the doctor ordered to get everyone juiced up.
As far as the event goes it was awesome. They had free water, energy drinks, sandwiches, and cool washcloths for the players, hard working refs, tents for each team with coolers and chairs, my favorite type of playing surface (short and fast grass), the list just goes on and on. I would honestly recommend this league to everybody, it's so evident how hard they're working for us the players and I couldn't be more appreciative. On to the games. The action was fast and furious and everybody had to figure out the format. We took to it pretty quickly and everybody definitely seemed confident going into the finals.
Game one and we get a rematch with Destiny who is bolstered by my favorite player of all time Todd Adamson and beast back player Mike Paxson. They gave us a pretty solid ass kicking in the prelims so we were looking forward to the chance at payback.  We were on top for most of the match, when they start to come back in a huge way. It was an awesome match that came down to us being up by one point with about 15 seconds left, could we hang on.......after an insane point, the dust settled and we had hung on for the victory. It was a great match and it's a shame anybody had to lose it really.
One game away from the team's goal of first place at our first ever international event. There was so much riding on this one game for the organization. Everybody was preparing for the battle ahead in their own way: Conor was meditating, Dylan and Erica were talking shit to each other, as for me I just couldn't sit still I kept doing laps around the racetrack thinking about what I needed to do and playing the game in my head. I had a good feeling about the game as I had my good luck charm Erica, my wife, and resident team mom there. For some reason I feel like we always do so much better when she's with us. Back to the game though, We drew the Warriors for the last battle, and it wouldn't be easy. They have two of our brothers Aldo and Al and our little devil herself Monica!!!
Again it came down to a one buzzer game after a back and forth battle. We just needed to hold them off for about ten seconds when my gun basically ran out of air, are you kidding me!. I looked to the right and saw the bulldog himself Leo. I screamed for him and he did what bulldogs do, take care of business. He took off and smashed the buzzer securing our victory!!!!!!
What a relief. We got the monkey off our backs, he should be happy as we left him in paradise though. As I look at the trophy on my desk in front of me I still have a smile on my face. I spoke to the guys in the huddle before that last game with the sun setting to our backs and Dylan our kill machine pacing and ready to punish, about what the trophies mean to me. Back in the day the Greeks and Romans would bring back spoils from their opposition in whatever war and mount them to a tree to commemorate the victory. No matter which trophy I look at in the team room it instantly brings me back to the day, my teammates, where I was in my life, and the fact that on that day we got it the fuck done, and for the rest of my life when I look at this trophy, I will have to remember taco's stupid moustache.
I'd like to thank my teammates for delivering this victory to the organization I seriously couldn't be any prouder of the people that took this trip. To our MVP Taesch,  who coached his ass off, he is the definition of selfless and the kind of heart we look for in people for this organization. His clutch coaching turned the other teams 2 pointers into 1 point plays and when you win both games in the finals by one buzzer the argument can be made that he was more important than any of us. To Al and Monica for making us come down here, Amanda for organizing the whole thing, and my amazing wife Erica who came to Mexico and got to see the beach for a total of maybe 4 hours(her and Dylan amused themselves at the field with constant tag team smack talking on me which I think was just as much fun for them). And last but not least all of our sponsors Empire, Kong-Ker, Virtue, Allstar paintball, and Stingray Ops for helping us to keep doing what we love.
There's a saying "if you want to go fast go alone, but if you want to go far go together". This win felt so good because I know that myself and my real teammates, not the ones who chose the first option, but the ones who decided even in bad times lets go together. Well I can't help but realize were about to go really far. To victory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's have a 2015 to remember.
-Big Timmy

2014 Season

It's been one hell of a season with the best family I could ask for. These people have my back through every turn, and I trust my life with all of them, no matter how crazy things can get. We've come full circle this year and everyone stepped up and rose to the occasion when they needed to. I couldn't be more proud to be a part of this and I'm thankful for the opportunity that lay ahead of not only me, but my teammates who I share the field with every Sunday. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else but here with you guys right now. Big things coming next year that the paintball world isn't ready for, we're back on the map and coming for everybody, destroying our opponents that are in our path to Kong-Ker'ing the world.  By: Matt Dutton # 83

World Cup 2013

I just decided to delete the generic event wrap up that I threw down previously because it didn't do the boys justice. I'll start out by saying that there is a specific reason I chose the above picture, to me it sums up, in a snapshot what world cup is all about. This was my eleventh World Cup in a row, and I've played everything from 5 man to professional x-ball this past year. It's all pretty much just a huge blur as I type this. That's why I want to do a better job next year of capturing these moments because they truly are special. In the above picture we have a group of people that came together from over 7 different states; playing 5-man, 10-man, division 3 all the way up to professional x-ball.  Back to my previous thought though. World Cup is cool because it basically represents in paintball whatever is important to you. If you're looking for competition then there isn't a harder tournament to win, if you like cool gear the trade show has all the latest and greatest. You get the idea.... Whatever you happen to be looking for.
 This picture was taken after an epic run by our divisional team, they played multiple games for four days in a row. There is no mistaking that they came to World Cup to win a tournament. They took down teams from all over the globe including Russia, South America, and more. Walter's move against The White Tee Gang, shooting the last three players, the last in a one on one nonetheless, will go down as a classic Refuse To Lose Moment in the team's long history. These are things that you never even dream about the first time you pick up a gun. It was one of those grooves you get in as a team where you just never want the event to stop. But all good things unfortunately have to come to an end. That run succeeded in fueling the fire a tremendous amount, and I know I speak for everybody when I say I can't wait to hit the field next year.             -Tim




















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D3 Takes 4th at PSP World Cup

Finished the year out strong and kept the streak alive at 6 years with a podium in National Competition.  Time to build for next season and grab a season title. 
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